Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Concerning the SCOTUS ruling for Gay Marriage

The recent SCOTUS ruling that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states is, beyond all doubt, a monumental achievement, and is truly one of the defining historical highlights of the year 2015. The LGBTQ community now possesses the inherent rights that should have been granted to them decades ago during the civil rights era of the 1960’s and 70’s. In the eyes of the law, LGBTQ individuals are no longer second-class citizens. Alas, the bravura and pageantry of the white house lit up in rainbow veneer is something I never expected to see. The world is changing at breakneck speed. 

It is a fantastic time to celebrate human rights, yet it is imperative to be aware of the opposition. 

As for the blustering bigots who are blowing their collective fuses in the aftermath of the SCOTUS ruling, I can only say my levels of Schadenfreude have never been higher. Let’s be honest here: their real world encounters of actual homosexual activity will be limited to witnessing Jacob and Steve holding hands with matching rings as they shop for fabric, and dropping their spectacles aghast into their decanters of sherry as they open their morning papers to see Suzie-Q and her lezzie Lulu having posted their glorious wedding reception in the Mainstreet Gazette. The vast majority of their exposure to gay marriage is what they are indoctrinated into on Sunday morning by their hate-filled preachers and the hyperbole that is spoon-fed to them in the afternoon by over sensationalized Fox news commentators. 

The demographic of old, church-going white republicans has been shaken to the core. It should be pointed out that the landmark ruling for the legalization of marriage for LGBTQ citizens is not the only mitigating factor that distresses them, it is that homosexuals are now, by virtue of this ruling, viewed as EQUAL citizens on EQUAL footing to them. This is the underlying, subconscious ‘threat’ that rocks the foundations of their warped psychology. 

Of course, when the next major natural disaster hits (and trust me, it WILL happen, it’s a FUCKING part of nature) be it hurricane, earthquake, or rising floodwaters (Global warming made this a certainty long before the ruling) conservative pundits along with fire and brimstone preachers will rejoice and be all too eager to be putting the blame solely on “TEH GAYS” getting hitched. 

But alas, we should pity them. Their reptilian ape-brains do not possess the capacity to differentiate between arbitrary natural processes conducting themselves according to plate tectonics and the volatile weather patterns of the tropics. This mode of primordial thinking is barely a notch above:


The sheer arrogance that they claim to speak for ‘G-d’ is audacious as it is erroneous, for they speak only for themselves and their prejudiced ilk that helps reinforce their confirmation bias. They will continue to rant, rave, and project their ‘hate’ and ‘wrath’ onto ‘God’, while claiming that they are free of guilt for harboring the aforementioned hate within their own hearts. This tired tactic will not absolve them in the eyes of future generations; as much as it has spared us the ire of the fanatics who organized the witch hunts of the 17th century. The tide of history is against them, and they will be left behind as future generations move forward toward the shining beacon of egalitarian progress both societal and technological, since the dogmatic control of the Judeo-Christian establishment is losing its stranglehold on humanity faster than they can grasp.  

And yet, we must remain vigilant, for the momentum of this ruling must be maintained. The LGBTQ community still has a long, tough road ahead of them, especially in underdeveloped countries around the world that are still governed by laws mired in the dark ages. The triumph of the 26th of June cannot be understated: It was a remarkable event whose aftershocks will be felt for decades. Although we have yet to confront the challenges that remain, I am confident that the up and coming generation being raised today will meet these challenges and carry the torch another mile further.

I would also like to add that it is not a proper course of action to hate or dehumanize those bigots who, in turn, hate and dehumanize gays, for it would make the LGBTQ community no better than they are.There are a great many issues concerning the legal framework of how this ruling will be implemented across each state, though ultimately I believe the legacy of this ruling will help reinforce the separation of church and state and therefore define marriage in the context of a legal and civil union that can be carried out in a secular institution without the authority of the church to oversee it's consummation. It is my hope that this ruling will become a social catalyst that will inextricably lead to greater emphasis on equality in the workplace so that anti-discrimination laws regarding sexual orientation will become a federal mandate that protects LGBTQ individuals from harm and injustice. The intolerance of a corporation firing someone because they are Gay is just as antiquated and derisive for firing someone because they are Black. Possessing religious liberty does not grant individuals or groups of individuals the right to discriminate others based on their inherent faculties. What we are witnessing is civilization reaching maturity with growing pains.

My message is clear: The right wing spewing their religious vitriol and ultraconservative rhetoric cannot curb nor hinder the success that has been achieved here in this great country. This was a milestone step forward for human rights, human dignity, and love.


-Fox Crimson

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